Slough Fort, Allhallows

For the first time ever you can join the True Paranormal Investigations team as we head to Fort Slough, Allhallows, Kent. With many ghostly sightings reported, do you dare accompany us for an evening of paranormal investigation into the small hours?

Built to defend a vulnerable part of the River Thames during tensions with France, this D-shaped fort was then used as a command post during World War One. Later decommissioned, the Fort was used as stables for the nearby holiday camp. Now, the Fort is a tourist attraction and preserved by SFPT (Slough Fort Preservation Trust), aiming to educate and preserve the building for the future.

This is one night not to be missed.

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June 2022

Guildhall, Sandwich

Join us as we head to the beautiful village of Sandwich, Kent in August 2021 for a night of paranormal investigation.

Using technology as well as more traditional methods and techniques, we will navigate around the various rooms of the building until the early hours hoping to communicate with spirit.

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May 2022

St Augustine’s, Westgate

Back by popular demand, the TPI Team are delighted to announce a return to one of our most interesting venues to date.

The team will guide you through the hauntingly beautiful various corridors armed with technology and more traditional methods of communication in an attempt to entice spirit to show themselves. The building has a very interesting and varied past, who or what will we discover on the night?

Please read our event terms & conditions thoroughly before purchase.

There are no bookings for this venue at the current time. Please check back regularly to be the first to hear about new venues.

Dover Castle, Dover

TPI are excited to welcome you along with us as we venture inside of the stunning walls of the historic Dover Castle for the very first time.

With over 2000 years of history to be enjoyed and discovered join us in either (or both if you’re feeling brave!) April 2022 or October 2022 (because what could be better than celebrating the Halloween season in style?) as the TPI team journey into the depths of one of England’s most famous and well loved locations.

You will be armed with the latest in paranormal technology as you explore each floor within the Great Tower and Constables Tower as well as the eerie Medieval Tunnels.

Some of the equipment (modern as well as traditional methods) we will be using include K2 meters, spirit boards, CCTV, REM pods and more with a full workshop on how to use the equipment effectively provided Andy, our resident tech expert.

Many down the years have reported ghost sightings, including the Drummer Boy (because what could be more haunting than the faint sound of a beating drum).

Who, or what, will we come into contact with?

Please read our event terms & conditions thoroughly before purchase.

April 2022

October 2022